Olds Station/Chatham Hill Sewer Expansion

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1718 – Olds Station/Chatham Hill Sewer Expansion

The first phase of the system expansion represents the construction of the new 15 inch sanitary sewer trunk line in Horan Road north of Olds Station Road, across SR 285 and through the Chatham Hill neighborhood. The construction will include main line sewers as well as individual side sewer lines to existing residences along LeMaister Ave., Indy Lane, Cordell Street., Chatham Hill Drive, Inks Road, School Street north of Highway 2, and along Highway 2 west of School Street to serve properties on the north side of the Highway.

Sealed bids were opened on April 20, 2018. The low-bid construction cost is $4,473,611. 

Additional future work will reconstruct an existing sewer lift station and install a new sewer force main across the Wenatchee River. 

 Olds Station Sewer Expansion

Construction will begin on Monday, June 4th and is expected to take approximately 6 months. Throughout the project, there will be various impacts to the public including traffic revisions, road closures, and detours. RH2 Engineering, who is administering the project for the City, will be preparing regular updates for the public in order to keep residents, utility companies, and local agencies informed on recent project progress and upcoming traffic impacts as well as the project schedule. This will be accomplished by posting a weekly Construction Progress Report online. The report can be found at the following link:

http://bothell.rh2.com/Documents/WEN/Olds_Station_Sewer/Gravity Main Progress Report.pdf